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About Giacca

Angelica Swanström, founder of Giacca

Angelicas interest in fashion began early. At the age of 7, the days outfit was carefully put together. Her aesthetic talent has been a driving force throughout her life and has characterized everything she has undertaken. The idea of Giacca has always been there, along with many other dreams.

Everything has its time and place.

When Angelica has a vision, it comes true one way or another. She never gives up, and her eye for detail and precision, whether for color, form or feel, is evident in everything she takes on. Giacca was not born overnight.

This is the beginning of something very big and Angelicas desire to share this journey with you is invincible.

Giacca is fearless. Life is too short.

High quality fashion

Giacca collaborates with a small and personal factory in Shenzhen, China, which delivers high quality.

All employees work from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Saturday. All employees receive a pension and have the right to apply for leave during all holidays, such as Chinese New Year (one month), birthdays, weddings and other occasions.

The factory is responsible for further training of its employees so that they can develop in their profession and thereby advance in their careers.

The factory has a WCA certificate that is valid for one year, which means that the factory must apply for a new certificate every year. Controls are carried out to ensure that the factory meets the requirements for a good working environment. The factory also has a BSCI report which shows that the employees have reasonable working hours and fair remuneration, a good working environment and safety, protection for younger workers, freedom of association and the right to collective agreements, ethical business behavior and environmental protection. The certification also ensures that there is no child labour, forced labour, unsafe working conditions or discrimination.